LED lighting can save money and reduce energy consumption.

LED Lighting is more efficient than traditional Vapor or Discharge lamps. Therefore changing to LED lighting can

cut your energy costs by 50% in a direct 1:1 renovation of your lighting system.

In projects where Smart Lighting Control has been introduced the energy consumption has been reduced by 70%

Byteblocs Street Light StreetOne is a versatile street light with 

quality OSRAM LEDs and OSRAM electronics inside.

The range of lights span from 20W to 200W

The Street Light comes in various color temperatures from 2700K-6500K. The average efficiency (depending on the color temperature) is 120 lm/w. Color rendering of all our lamps is above CRI 70.

The luminare is cast in aluminium and is powder coated in silver or black. Our lamps can be equipped with our Smart City Module, holding a dual band 2.4GHz/5GHZ Wi-Fi access point for internet connection, or a 4 Mega Pixel IP Wi-Fi Camera, for security and surveilance.

All lamps are mounted with a 7 pin NEMA socket for application of a LoRaWAN Smart Lighting controller. This way you can control your lighting via the internet from anywhere.  


Internet connectivity is becoming a human right. Connection to internet is a societal game changer. We provide internet services integrated into our street lights creating a dual band (2.4GHz/5GHz) citywide Wi-Fi network.

In rural areas we provide solar powered 3G routers to form local Wi-Fi Hot Spots for 5-10 simultaneous connections.

If there is no infrastructure at all, we can build a 100% solar/battery powered, Wi-Fi Hot Spot via Sattelite connection.   

We offer various options for connectivity to the internet.

If there is no internet infrastructure we can create a link to the internet via sattelite. This way we can provide a high speed internet connection in rural or suburban areas. Our installation can be operated grid connected or 100% run on renewable energy. Equipped with solar panels and battery back up, the installation can provide a link even on days without sunshine. 

In areas with some internet connectivity we can create last mile coverage, extending the internet connection, using Wi-Fi. Our Wi-Fi solution comes integrated into our street lights or as an individual unit mounted on a house, pole, mast or similar. 

In areas with 3G coverage, we have a solution based on a battery driven, solar powered 3G Wi-Fi router and power bank. The small router can service 3-5 simultaneous users. 


Byteblocs International provide various security systems via 4 MegaPixel Internet Protocol (IP) cameras. The cameras can be integrated into the street light and can transmit via Wi-Fi, so there is no need for cables during the installation.   

We also provide a range of non integrated cameras. With cameras we can provide a number of services such as: Perimeter control, Acess control, Perimeter breach alarms and general monitoring, recording and surveilance


Photovoltaics or Solar Cell Panels is a stable source of energy. Clean Renewable energy. Byteblocs International provide a variety of solar panels, charge controllers and battry options to serve any household, office or farm. From individual solutions where the need is to power the need of a few individuals with household appliances, to large "solar farms" making it possible to power villages or heavy equipment or machinery, in need of a constant and large power supply. 

Photo: Axis Communication


We provide solar kits for rural areas where electricity is unstable or where there is no electricity at all. With our home solar kit families without electricity can have light, cooling, radio or refrigeration. Furthermore it is possible to charge electrical devices and to run communications equipment like routers and access points for internet connectivity or TV. The kits consist of a 80W solar panel, a charge controller with usb and 12V/230V outlet and storage battery plus 3 x LED lights.